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Virtual recruitment strategy platform for new hires Aug26


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Virtual recruitment strategy platform for new hires

A typical scenario will unfold as you’re fully suited up, hair combed nicely, all fresh and wide-eyed as you show your badge to security in the lobby. You are escorted to an HR official, whom you may or may have not met prior to this day, and gives you the tour to the water cooler, function rooms, and eventually your workstation.

Recruitment strategies improved with virtual introduction platform for new hires

You eye your neighbors, who are either just as fresh-looking as you are or nursing a hangover from last night’s department-wide sanctioned karaoke. Then you open your desktop computer and, not knowing how to begin, throw a quick glance to your left or right and show that sheepish smile, hoping they catch the drift and decide to offer some help.

The employee onboarding toolkit helps break the ice

How many of you can readily relate to this? Starting over with no acquaintances and not knowing where to start is pretty overwhelming, and often puts a kind of pressure that requires a period of time to ease off. However, it could also go the other way, and may lead you to wonder why your job contract didn’t tell you that it wouldn’t work for you after all.

Welcome to your first day of work

Experiences like these may be common, but can contribute to the attrition rate of new employees who may not eventually have the feel to stay within the company, or will take the longest to be productive in alignment to the company goals. This is essentially problematic in seemingly large and virtual companies that often have logistical nightmares keeping up with employees and ensuring that salaries and bonuses are not just the only motivation to be productive and efficient.

Teamalaya uses gaming for team building

In recent years, several ideas like Teamalaya are now set up to integrate employee engagement even at the recruitment phase in an attempt to ease potential employees into the company fold. Online interviews now include Jeopardy-like quizzes that introduce the company and give enough background for potential employees on what to expect.

Early recruitment interactions

Such virtual recruitment strategy platforms allow employees to be given the chance to engage with potentials by sharing testimonials and advice, showcasing the day in a life of an employee if he or she decides to come on board. The most exciting improvement in recent times is the ability to allow of both management and employees to have key votes on certain business decisions. This is often an empowering reward that would surely attract not just potentials, but formidable candidates.

My reaction to virtual recruitment platform

I actually had a first-hand experience with this recruitment strategy. My interviews consisted of playing staring contests with other interviewees and having (paid!) sit-down lunches with management. During the exhausting but overall fun interview phase, we had an exercise that got us thinking about what we value in life, which got me reassessing how I pursue my career growth.

I would have entered my third year with the company already if not for a medical emergency. Nonetheless, I actually felt that I was and had grown in value in that short time as opposed to my other previous work experiences, not just as a professional, but as a person.